2x your business.

2x your top line, reduce your churn, and scale in 6 months without even touching your product.

The secret: solve all the business, branding, marketing, and sales problems surrounding your digital product.

To be clear:
We don't help you win. We prevent you from losing.

Our offers

  • Business Playbook

    Read in 3 days. Work for 3 weeks. Save 3 years.

    Create your product-market fit, increase your sales, reduce churn, develop your brand, and optimize your gross margin.

    • 21 business, branding, marketing & sales frameworks.
    • 10+ how-to videos.
    • 30+ exercises, tables & templates.
    • 24/7 support on Discord.
    • Entire system on Notion.
    • Free access.
  • Business Shortcut

    Get the Business Playbook's results in 6 weeks.

    We run the Business Playbook for you to 2x your business without any effort, sacrifice or time investment on your end. 

    Results in 6 weeks:

    • Business: 
      audit, roadmap, market analysis, niching, positioning, business model, pricing...
    • Marketing:
      ICPs, personae, marketing strategy...
    • Sales: 
      offers, sales methods, sales strategy, pitch...
    • Branding: 
      brand strategy, naming, brand platform, brand guidelines...
    • Optional: logo, visual identity, design system, website...
  • Custom Branding

    Custom branding services

    • Logo design
    • Visual identity
    • 3D design
    • Brand strategy
    • Brand platform
    • Brand guidelines
    • Custom Figma Library


Tired of bullshi*?
So are we!

  • 1. The agency has died.

    Nobody trusts agencies anymore, and that's normal. They never allow their customers to grow and learn. They make them depend on their services, and that's the problem.

    An excellent agency should help its customers to become self-sufficient. The perfect agency is the ideal blend of a pirate ship, a school, and loving parents.

    We spot your ship. We board. Instead of stealing your time and money, we give you all our treasures and help you get the most out of your crew.

    Once we've given you everything and repaired your ship's hull together, we'll let you sail away again with a stronger ship than ever.

    For us, that's what an agency should do:
    Help you go the distance.

    That's why you'll never hear us refer to ourselves as an agency. We're proud to be a pirate studio.

  • 2. A true entrepreneur wants to learn.

    In reality, nobody wants to be rich. Everyone wants to learn how to get and stay rich.

    The key word here is learning. Learning is the ability to change behavior when faced with the same context over and over again. Intelligence means learning as quickly as possible. An intelligent business adapts its behavior quickly.

    You're always exchanging money for knowledge when you hire an agency, a coach, or consultants. Those who don't pay in money pay with their time and spend evenings and weekends learning by themselves.

    The thing is, letting someone else do all the work for you prevents you from learning:
    Learning 0% / Speed 100% / Dependency 100%

    And spending 20 years of your life looking for the right information to test in the field doesn't help you either:
    Learning 100% / Speed 5% / Dependency 0%

    Learning comes from theory and practice.

    Our aim is to help you learn better and faster. We give you everything we know. We help you put it into practice. All this so you can get rid of us as quickly as possible.
    Learning 100% / Speed 100% / Dependency 0%

  • 3. Work is the input. The output is you.

    Our raison d'être is to enable entrepreneurs around the world to make their dreams come true for the betterment of mankind.

    Our mission is to help fair, ambitious, and honest entrepreneurs worldwide make a name for themselves, perfect their businesses, and build their legends.

    To achieve this, we must understand that nobody works the same way. We all have different ways of working and learning.

    We must adapt to help the maximum number of businesses learn how to create the perfect business and succeed.

    You've got time, and you want to learn for free. We've got plenty of free stuff for you.

    You've got time and a little money and want to get more results faster. We've created the Business Playbook to do just that: get results.

    You want the best results as fast as possible while zeroing out all the efforts and sacrifices associated with learning. The Business Shortcut is waiting for you.

Co-CEOs of Hyperstonk
To: You, business founder

You don't have time, so I'll keep it short.

Designing a clean product that lasts over the long run is a real pain in the ass.

Then add to that marketing, sales, business, branding, and VCs to convince...

You have to juggle with all this stuff in your head, manage the pressure, and provide the best context for your teams.

As a result, you're always picking holes.

You always feel like you're missing something.

Even with all your efforts, as you scale, your product accumulates technical debt, and your design system becomes unmaintainable.

Salespeople have less and less confidence in the product. Selling becomes increasingly complex.

You feel like you've reached a plateau.

To avoid all this and save you time, we've condensed Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger's best teachings on the concept of the perfect business.

In less than 10 minutes, you'll save time on every decision you make.

You'll succeed in never losing and, therefore, learn to win by default.

Want to beat the competition?

Stay in the ring longer than they do.

Use the 7 characteristics of the perfect business to your advantage.