Business Shortcut — 2x your business in 6 weeks.

Become 2x stronger 10x faster.

We run the Business Playbook for you to 2x your business without any effort, sacrifice or time investment on your end. 

Results in 6 weeks:

  • Business:
    audit, roadmap, market analysis, niching, positioning, business model, pricing...

  • Marketing:
    ICPs, personae, marketing strategy...

  • Sales:
    offers, sales methods, sales strategy, pitch...

  • Branding:
    brand strategy, naming, brand platform, brand guidelines...

  • Optional: logo, visual identity, design system, website...

PS Only 8 spots are available annually for this offer to guarantee our clients the best results.

Ask for your call now if you want to be next in line.

Fuck the deadlines guarantee.

Because we're such die-hards, we allow you to benefit from our services without taking risks.

We call it “Fuck The Deadlines Guarantee”:

If we don't deliver in 6 weeks, we‘ll keep working with you and your team, for free, until the job is done to perfection.

The following conditions must be met for the guarantee to be valid:

  • You give us access to all the documents we need to do the job for you.

  • You reply to our messages regularly so we can move forward.

Becoming Batman is faster and easier with Alfred around.

Even Batman needs someone to run Wayne Manor while he works in the Batcave. To build his legend, Batman needs Alfred.

The Business Shortcut is the equivalent of Alfred... on steroids... crossed with Robin, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon... trained by Superman... in the Justice League's physical preparation bunker.

Our program guarantees results while enabling you to keep working in your Batcave.

All we need are the keys to the Wayne Manor. Then we’ll do whatever it takes to get you out on the streets of Gotham without you having to dust the Batcave.

Better than ChatGPT.

In life, the only shortcut that works is called leverage.

Roughly speaking, leverage means getting more results without putting in more effort.

Let us bring you results by doing the work for you.

Imagine that ChatGPT comes to life and does everything you need for your business and you.

That ultimate AI robot is us.

You chat with us on Discord as casually as if you were talking to ChatGPT:

  • You tell us everything there is to know about your business.

  • On the output side, we do everything for you to solve your business, branding, marketing, and sales constraints.

The Playbook.

Over the last few years, we’ve accumulated many practical methods regarding sales, marketing, branding, business, etc.

We’ve condensed all these learnings into the Business Playbook.

We’ll use these practical methods on your behalf to give your business a significant boost.

Pricing: Fast Business Transformation World Record.

Here at Hyperstonk, we see ourselves as a pirate supply ship.

We'll board your ship, fix it up, fill up your treasure chests, take care of your crew, and send you all back out to sea stronger than ever in a record time.

Like a NASCAR pit stop, we want to change these wheels in half a second so you can return overtaking everyone else on the track:

  1. We charge the price of the Business Playbook.

  2. We charge for executing it on your behalf.

  3. We charge for any additional options you take.

All communication while we're working for you is free of charge.

The options available:

  • Logo design.

  • Visual identity.

  • Design system.

  • 3D design.

  • Website.

Limited number of openings.

As we run each Business Shortcut in 6 weeks, we only have 8 places available yearly.

To be sure of getting a spot, make an appointment to get on the waiting list.