No matter what.

We believe that obsessed people change the world.

We want to help them push the human race forward.

Overactive Soul.

We believe that unstoppable people have a tortured soul.

  1. They believe they can do great things. They know they can do more than ordinary people.

  2. They are crushed by the anxiety of not being good enough.

  3. They control their impulses, discipline themselves, and delay gratification to focus on their goals.

These souls are tormented by their pursuit of excellence.

Hyperstonk is a sanctuary for these wilful souls.

We aim to nurture an environment where these overactive minds can flourish and excel.

Our raison d'être.

We founded the studio for a single reason:

We want to help entrepreneurs worldwide realize their dreams and push the human race forward.

Our mission.

Helping every fair, ambitious, and upright entrepreneur on the planet make a name for themselves, perfect their business, and build their legend.

Our values.

Customer-centric, caring, and perfectionist... lol.

We're not Parisians, freelance AI copywriters, or LinkedIn bullshitters.

Values aren't fancy, clever buzzwords stolen from our Anglo-Saxon pals. They're complete sentences describing the principles on which you base your ethics, morals, and actions.

Draconian Relentlessness.

Excuses have never gotten anyone results. The work doesn’t care who you are. It just cares that it gets done. Everyone can start something. Very few people can finish. We don’t try. We don’t do our best. We do what needs to be done. We work until the job is done.

People want the flame but don’t want to touch the fire.

We are the fire.

Directness & Sincerity.

Great stuff is built upon accurate and unbiased feedback, not half-truths. Feelings sway. Truth stays. Our minds have to be stronger than our feelings because we don’t temper with the truth. We tell it regardless of how it feels to hear it.


A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.

Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.

We don’t try to be clever. We bring proof of wisdom by fine-tuning our judgment. This way, we don’t have to escape bad situations because we never get into them.


It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you. We judge ourselves by our actions, not by our thoughts. We are incorruptible, honest, sincere, and upright. We build an unimpeachable character to be impossible to discredit.

Obsessiveness, Dedication & Discipline.

If what we set out to do was immediately available to us, it would be open to everyone. Which means it wouldn’t be worthwhile. The very fact that it is difficult is why it is worth doing.

To push the human race forward, we need to master our craft. We need to do it all. We do the boring work. We crave the result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant.

The hard part about the plan is sticking to the plan. The stick-to-it muscle is the one that we have to flex.


Teamwork makes the dream work… only if we’re loyal to each other.

Yes, we are competitive. Yes, we challenge each other.

But we never betray one another.

We’re a team.

Love is the force that unites the team. Loyalty is what binds it together.

The strongest tribe wins. We’ll win by never quitting. Together.

Our belief system.

  • We believe that excuses have never gotten anyone results.

  • We believe that people who don’t pursue their own dreams won’t encourage you to pursue yours.

  • We believe that to have what we really want, we must first embody who we really are.

  • There are no shortcuts or substitutes. The quicker we get to work, the faster we see the results.

  • We believe that we cannot lose if we do not quit.

  • We believe that shame only exists in the shadows.

  • We believe that power follows the blame finger.

  • The man who loves walking will walk further than the man who loves the destination.

  • Loneliness is a tax you have to pay to atone for a certain complexity of mind.

  • We believe the more we do, the more we realize what we can do.

  • We believe the money isn’t made in the buy, and it’s not made in the sale. It’s made in the wait, so be patient.

  • We believe we’re not our thoughts. So, we better judge ourselves by our actions, not our thinking.

  • We believe the work doesn’t care who you are. It just cares that it gets done.

  • We believe that feelings sway and the truth stays. We go further and last longer if our mind is stronger than our feelings.

  • Everyone can start something, but very few people can finish.

  • We believe that you don’t find balance. You create it.

  • We believe humans are not as emotionally incontinent as they pretend to be.

  • We believe that life is like any game. Nobody will watch you play as long as you’re not relentlessly playing in pursuit of excellence.

  • We believe we can’t buy success but can only define it and dedicate ourselves to it to achieve it.

  • We believe that if a plan requires luck to succeed, it’s a bad plan.

  • We believe that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

  • We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything.

  • When it gets easy, it is when we need to go hard.

  • We believe that the little voice in the back of your head is not your conscience. It’s fear.

  • The best kind of people are the ones who do what they say and make people feel awesome in the process.

  • We believe that our job isn’t done until the job is done.

  • Good design is obvious, whereas great design is transparent.

  • We believe that excellence is not an act. It is a habit.

  • Good leaders push followers beyond their limits.

  • We believe that you win a no-win situation by redefining the rules.

  • We believe that threats are tactics used to distract you from your goal.

  • If our customers want us to succeed... we will.

  • We believe that honesty is our best defense and offense.

  • Being specific about our nightmares is more helpful than being specific about our dream outcomes. Hungry mice run faster from a cat than toward the cheese.

  • If we do the thing despite being fearful of doing it, that is courage.

  • We also believe that if we don’t do the thing, even though we feel like doing it, that is cowardice.

  • It works the same for courage, motivation, and patience.

  • We believe regrets are baked into life since we cannot split-test our choices. So, in life, we get to choose our regrets.

  • We believe that sadness comes from a lack of options. Which is why it feels like hopelessness.

  • We believe that anxiety comes from many options but a lack of priorities. Which is why it feels like paralysis.

  • We believe that we solve sadness with knowledge & anxiety by making a decision.

The crew


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