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With this quiz, you've got it...

Branding is a vast world full of secrets.

When properly harnessed, these secrets can transform ordinary companies into remarkable brands.

To transform your business and truly leave a mark, you only need to get your hands on all these secrets.

Like any magic trick, making a mark consists of three parts or acts.

Act I, The Pledge:

The magician begins his show and shows you the business he will transform.

Your company.

He then suggests that you do an audit.

He brings you up on stage and asks you to take a closer look. He shows you that, right now, your business is normal.

Act II, The Turn:

The magician takes your seemingly ordinary business and makes it do something extraordinary.

Now, you are looking for the secret, but you won't find it because, of course, you are not really looking.

You don't really want to know. You want to be fooled.

But you wouldn't clap yet, because making something disappear is not enough.

You have to bring it back.

That's why every magic trick has a third act.

The hardest. The part we call The Prestige.

It is this act that determines the future of your company.

Will it stagnate, or even worse... come back in pieces?

Or will it come back transformed?

To find out, you have two options.

  1. You can pray for the magician you choose not to screw up his trick.

  2. You can learn the secrets of the most significant brand prestidigitators and ensure the trick goes as planned.

Like you, we are not magicians.

We don't believe in magic or miracles.

However, we do have secrets.

These secrets have a name: method.

You are lucky.

We're sharing all our secrets to help you bluff your audience without risking damaging your business.

Who has never wanted to know the best-kept secrets of a very closed world?