Business Playbook — DIY business, branding, marketing & sales methods.

The Business Playbook helps you create your product-market fit, increase your sales, reduce churn, develop your brand, and optimize your gross margin.

The solution includes :

  • 21 business, branding, marketing & sales frameworks.

  • 10+ how-to videos.

  • 30+ exercises, tables & templates.

  • 24/7 support on Discord.

  • Entire system on Notion.

Thanos Finger Snapping Guarantee.

At Hyperstonk, we prefer clarity to bullshit.

So here's our ultimate risk-free guarantee:

After 30 days of using the Business Playbook practical exercises, if you wouldn't sacrifice half the universe (including your family) to keep using it, we'll give you a full refund.

Like Iron Man, you snap your fingers... and boom! Nothing has changed for your universe and you.

  1. Best-case scenario: your business takes off like never before (simply by following a tutorial).

  2. Worst-case scenario: you get all your money back and walk away with everything you've learned along the way.

Both options are risk-free.

Only the third path has the true guarantee of not taking you where you want to go, which is not even trying it.

Fast beats free.

The Business Playbook is accessible for free to everyone. Only the privatization of the exercises, smart views, and templates are subject to a charge.

Turning your business into a war machine without any efforts costs less than a month's salary.

Basic price:
⇒ €1,400.

If you refer a friend in 30 days:
⇒ €1,400 €900.

It's that simple.

Your business...
on steroids.

The perfect business exists.

According to Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, business perfection can be measured by 7 criteria.

It's around these 7 characteristics that we've built the Business Playbook.

This tool results from 2100 to 2500 hours of work over 8 months to compile all our methods and secrets into a simple, comprehensive, and practical tutorial.

Let's use a simple analogy to visualize the scope of this tutorial. At Hyperstonk, we imagine your business as a bridge in constant evolution.

Two types of vehicles can cross this bridge:

  1. Vehicles carrying money

  2. Vehicles delivering value

For your bridge to hold up, the rules are simple:

  • The bridge must be built from end to end. Otherwise, no vehicle can pass.

  • Each bridge pillar must be robust. Otherwise, vehicles may fall off.

  • The bridge deck (the road) must be broad enough to allow the most significant vehicles of money and value to travel through.

If these rules are broken, your business can neither distribute value to your customers nor collect money.

We've created the Business Playbook to help you :

  • complete your bridge

  • with solid pillars

  • with a deck broad enough to deliver maximum value for maximum money

  • on stable and supporting foundations

The playbook includes 21 frameworks to achieve this.

Each framework is designed to address a specific theme.

To discover the themes in question, click the button.

Automated system on Notion.

To provide the most complete, simple, and practical experience, we've used Notion to create the Business Playbook.

The whole thing is presented like a book, with practical exercises on every page. Almost all of these exercises are structured as fill-in-the-blank tables.

The advantage of this approach is that we reuse the data from these tables throughout the adventure, giving you maximum comfort at every stage.

For example, the Brand Strategy framework reuses your results from the Brand Soul® framework exercises to recontextualize your objectives during this new stage.

Without having to go back “to the beginning of the book,” you'll have a practical summary of your Brand Soul® right at the start of the Brand Strategy.

The entire system uses over 30 intelligent tables to make your work easier.

Once all the work is done, all your results are recompiled and displayed in specific dashboards, giving you a clear overview of your entire business.

Videos, checklists, tools...

We want to accompany each customer from A to Z. Unfortunately, we live in a finite universe with constraints.

So, we've added as many tools as possible to help you get the most out of our playbook over the years.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure you can master each subject from start to finish with explanatory videos, subject-specific checklists, and more.

To go even further and make learning our methods as easy as possible, we've added homemade illustrations to the frameworks to simplify as much as possible complex business concepts.

Here are a few examples:


You gain access to a complete system that connects your business's brain, neurons, and nervous system to its muscles.

Frameworks are designed to go the distance. Once you've used and abused them all, they'll become the benchmark for understanding your business.

Initially, you'll use them all individually and in order.

Then, you'll abuse them to perfect the definition of your business and make it evolve.

And finally, you'll return to a specific framework occasionally when your work needs updating.

Included in the Business Playbook:

  • 21 business, branding, marketing & sales frameworks.

  • 10+ how-to videos.

  • 30+ exercises, tables & templates.

  • 24/7 support on Discord.

  • Entire system on Notion.

The theory is on the house.

Practical exercises, intelligent tables, and templates are available for a fee.